Shaikh Sahid
シェイク サヒド






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Chef Sahid began his humble journey into Indian Cuisine whilst in his early teens, working in the hotels of Chennai and Bangalore India where he learned the basics of Indian cooking. This learning grew into a passion for wanting to share the tastes and delights of Indian cooking with a global audience so Chef struck out on his own to head a restaurant in a 5 star Malaysian resort in 2000. While in Malaysia, Chef’s horizons expanded to embrace the intricacies of  Malay and South East Asian cuisines. During his tenure, his resort restaurant achieved the award of Top 20 Restaurant in Asia. In his rare time off from running his resort restaurant, he also expanded matters of his heart when he met and partnered with a hospitality manager, now his wife. Together they moved to Singapore where Chef accepted an Indian Head Chef position at a well known global IT company. Chef Sahid’s ever changing menu delighted people from all over the world!

Flash forward to 2018 when Chef Sahid and his wife combined their expertise in fine dining and hospitality to create and open the casual Modern Indian restaurant “Bengal Tiger” in Chiba, Japan. Their passion yielded multiple curry awards and even more importantly, building new relationships with dedicated and caring customers unlike any they’ve ever known! 

In 2023, Bengal Tiger reopens, reimagined and transformed into Modern Indian Fine Dining experience! Chef’s wish is to astound each and every one of you with this new innovative dining experience.

So much passion, research, and dedication has gone into curating this intricate multi level modern Indian dining experience. We are bursting to share Chef’s inspiration, heart, and soul with all of you! 




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